BCCI Retires Iconic No. 7: Current Indian Cricketers Forbidden from Choosing Dhoni’s Jersey Number

In a significant move,the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has declared the retirement of the iconic No.7 jersey,which was famously adorned by the legendary cricketer MS Dhoni.This decision comes as the BCCI aims to honor Dhoni remarkable contribution to the game.As a result,current Indian cricketers have been informed that they are no longer able to choose the coveted No.7 jersey.Similar to the earlier retirement of Sachin Tendulkar No.10,this move acknowledges the indelible impact of these cricketers on Indian cricket.

Era of No. 7 Ends:
Following his retirement in August 2020,Dhoni’s last appearance in an Indian jersey showcased the No. 7 during the 2019 World Cup semi-final against New Zealand in Manchester,England.This symbolic moment further solidified Dhoni’s status as one of Indian cricket’s most illustrious names.As the only captain to have triumphed in all three ICC tournaments in the white-ball format,Dhoni’s legacy is unquestionable.

BCCI’s Decision and Implications:
The BCCI has made it clear that the No.7 jersey will no longer be assigned to any future Indian cricketer.In keeping with ICC rules,cricketers were previously allowed to choose a jersey number between 1 to 100 upon making their debut.However,the latest directive from the BCCI prohibits current Indian players from requesting the iconic No.7,signifying the stature of Dhoni’s contribution to the game.With the retirement of Dhoni’s No.7 and Tendulkar’s No.10,the young Indian cricketers find themselves with limited options for selecting their preferred jersey numbers.

Dhoni’s Unparalleled Achievements:
From leading the Indian side to victory in the 2007 T20 World Cup to ending India’s 28-year wait for an ODI World Cup triumph in 2011, Dhoni’s impact on Indian cricket is extraordinary. In 2013, he also clinched the Champions Trophy title, marking it as India’s most recent ICC trophy win. Dhoni’s successful captaincy and leadership skills propelled him to achieve unparalleled accolades in the sport.

Statistical Brilliance:
Apart from his extraordinary leadership, Dhoni’s batting prowess is equally noteworthy.Having represented India in 90 Tests,350 ODIs and 98 T20Is,he amassed a total of 16,617 runs.With 634 catches and 195 stumpings,Dhoni holds the record for the most dismissals by an Indian wicketkeeper,placing him among the top three most successful wicketkeepers in the history of the game.

Limited Choices for Young Cricketers:
While retiring jersey numbers pays tribute to the legends of the game, it has created a scarcity of numbers available for the young Indian cricketers. Currently, around 60 numbers are dedicated to regular and upcoming players in the Indian team. Consequently, even if a player is out of the team for a year or more, their number is not assigned to a new player. This limitation leaves recent debutants with a meager selection of approximately 30 numbers to choose from.

The retirement of Dhoni’s iconic No. 7 jersey by the BCCI is a testament to his immense contribution and legacy in Indian cricket. With this decision, current Indian cricketers are forbidden from selecting the revered No. 7 jersey. As this change takes effect, it is essential to acknowledge the remarkable achievements of Dhoni and Tendulkar, who have indelibly impacted the sport and captured the hearts of millions of fans wor

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