Cameron Green Opens Up About Battling Chronic Kidney Disease at 60% Health

Australia’s All-Rounder Cameron Green Discloses his Struggle with Chronic Kidney Disease

Australia’s versatile cricketer, Cameron Green, has bravely shared his ongoing battle with chronic kidney disease. Diagnosed since birth, the condition was first discovered during his mother Bee Tracey’s pregnancy scan held in the 19th week, leaving his father Gary concerned, unsure if Cameron would exceed the age of 12.

Green, who debuted in T20I in 2022 and was part of the victorious ODI World Cup squad last month in India, has been included in Australia’s squads across all formats since last year. Presently, he is with the Australian Test team for the Pakistan series, although remaining on the bench for the opening match in Perth.

Towards a revealing interview with Channel 7, Green expressed, “My parents were informed about my chronic kidney disease at the time of my birth. While there are no apparent symptoms, it was detected through ultrasounds.”

Chronic kidney disease denotes a progressive decline in kidney health and functionality. Green explained,Unfortunately,my kidneys do not filter the blood as efficiently as healthy kidneys do. Currently, they are functioning at approximately 60%, stage two of the disease.

Despite facing this challenge, Green has successfully managed his chronic kidney disease throughout his cricketing career, with only one notable incident taking place during an ODI against New Zealand in Cairns last year. While batting in the game, Green experienced severe cramping, scoring an unbeaten 89 after bowling five overs during Australia’s victory. Green believed the cramping was a result of insufficient intake of liquid supplements, although primarily linked to his kidney condition.

Reflecting on the incident,Green shared,”It took me some time to realize that the cramping was likely due to my kidney function.I always thought I didn’t consume enough fluids or take care of myself during the game,but over time,I realized I was doing everything right and still experiencing cramps.”

Aside from this incident,Green has had an impressive career so far,including stints in the Big Bash League and the Indian Premier League.In his debut IPL season,he represented the Mumbai Indians and later moved to the Royal Challengers Bangalore for the 2024 edition.

“I consider myself fortunate that my physical well-being is not as severely impacted by chronic kidney disease as others who share the same condition,”Green expressed. The condition is classified into five stages, with stage one being the least severe and stage five requiring transplant or dialysis. Green is currently at stage two; however, without proper care, the disease can regress.

“It’s important to note that kidneys cannot improve;the damage is irreversible. Therefore, any efforts made to slow down the progression are crucial,” stated Green.

As a talented cricketer fiercely fighting a chronic kidney disease that has affected him since birth, Cameron Green’s resilience and determination inspire both on and off the field.

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