Double Blow for Pakistan Women’s Cricket: Dar Sidelined by Facial Injury, Baig Faces Fractured Finger

A recent setback has hit the Pakistan Women’s Cricket team hard, with two key players forced out of action. Nida Dar, the team’s captain, suffered a facial injury during the first ODI against New Zealand, while Diana Baig is grappling with a fractured finger. In this article, we delve into the details of these unfortunate incidents that have dealt a double blow to Pakistan’s prospects in the ongoing series.

The Incident and its Immediate Impact

During the first ODI against New Zealand, Pakistan’s captain Nida Dar endured a traumatic moment when she was struck in the face by the ball while bowling. The alarming incident occurred in the 44th over of the New Zealand innings, with Sophie Devine at the crease. Dar, after receiving on-field medical assistance, had to be taken off the field for further evaluation and treatment.

Dar’s Ongoing Role in the Series to Be Determined

Following a thorough assessment by the team physio,it has been decided that Nida Dar will no longer participate in the ongoing ODI.The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has stated that a final decision regarding her availability for the remaining matches of the series will be made in due course.With Dar being a pivotal figure in the team’s lineup,her absence raises concerns about Pakistan’s performance moving forward.

Shamas’ Role and Pakistan’s Response in the First ODI

In the wake of Nida Dar’s unfortunate injury, the PCB approved Sadaf Shamas as her replacement for the remainder of the game. Shamas, however, was unable to make a significant impact with the bat, as she was dismissed for 10 runs during Pakistan’s chase of New Zealand’s mammoth total of 365 for 4. In Dar’s absence, Fatima Sana led the team in an effort to fill the void left by their captain.

The Injury and Its Implications for Baig

Adding to Pakistan’s woes, Diana Baig experienced a blow to her right index finger during a practice session. Subsequent medical examinations revealed that she had sustained a horizontal fracture, rendering her unavailable for the upcoming ODI matches against New Zealand. The PCB’s medical team is closely monitoring Baig’s condition and will undertake further evaluations to determine the extent of the injury and the necessary steps for her recovery.

The recent double blow to the Pakistan Women’s Cricket team, with Nida Dar’s facial injury and Diana Baig’s fractured finger, has created a challenging situation. As the team evaluates the impact of these setbacks, the focus will be on finding suitable replacements and maintaining their competitive spirit. The series against New Zealand now poses a greater test of resilience and adaptability for Pakistan as they strive to overcome these obstacles and strive for success.

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