Ebadot Hossain Sets His Sights on Impressive Comeback During India Series

**Ebadot Hossain Aims for a Strong Return in Upcoming India Series**

Bangladesh’s fast bowler,Ebadot Hossain,is ardently preparing for a significant comeback to the international cricket scene,with his eyes firmly set on the anticipated India tour.The tour,scheduled for September,will see Bangladesh clashing with India in a series of two Test matches and three Twenty20 Internationals.

An unfortunate ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injury during a home series against Afghanistan in July 2023 momentarily halted Hossain cricketing pursuits.The injury occurred in a collision with an umpire,sidelining him since that incident.

Ebadot, in an exclusive chat with Cricbuzz, shared insights into his recovery journey. “My current regimen includes strength training. Initially, I hoped to resume bowling immediately after Eid ul Adha. However, given the timing of the recovery process, I’ve ruled out participation in the upcoming T20 World Cup. Fortunately, the cricket calendar appears light on major events, affording me additional time for recuperation,” Ebadot explained.

Regarding his rehabilitation progress, Ebadot revealed, “My running is currently at 40-50% of its usual intensity. I’m optimistic about ramping that up to 70-80% in the next fortnight. Achieving that milestone will allow me to commence bowling, initially with a shortened run-up, and eventually, return to my full bowling rhythm by June.”

Physician advice has been a cornerstone of Ebadot’s recovery strategy. “Following surgery, my doctor emphasized the significance of a comprehensive rehabilitation period. Rushing the process could jeopardize my career longevity. There’s clear advice against premature bowling, underscoring the importance of regaining full strength before considering a return to cricket,” Ebadot recounted.

Echoing his doctor’s guidance, Ebadot affirmed his cautious approach towards recovery. “Each day brings a slight improvement in strength, yet I’m deliberately pacing my return. The advised one-year hiatus aims to fortify my body against future injuries,” he stated.

**Optimism for a Dynamic Comeback**

Ebadot Hossain is not just working on physical recovery but is mentally gearing up for a triumphant return to the cricket field. The India series, a crucial juncture in Bangladesh’s cricket calendar, could mark an inspirational comeback for this esteemed pacer. Through diligent training and adherence to medical advice, Ebadot Hossain targets the India series for his comeback, embodying the resilience and dedication that fans admire in sports personalities.

As the series approaches, supporters and enthusiasts eagerly anticipate witnessing Ebadot Hossain’s return to form, exemplifying the spirit of cricket through comeback stories rich with perseverance and passion. The Bangladesh squad, bolstered by Ebadot’s potential return, looks forward to challenging India on their home turf, setting the stage for an enthralling cricketing encounter.

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