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Indian Premier League-16’s trophy is taken away by Chennai Super King led by Mahendra Singh Dhoni. They competed against Gujrat Titan and defeated them by five wickets. Pakistani and Indian cricket fans have always been each other’s rivals, and one way or another, have always shared the bases. This was confirmed when Chennai Super Kings secured yesterday’s Indian Premier League. Some very notable similarities were noted between the two rival countries’ leagues.


The two teams encountered each other first in the tournament’s inaugural game and then in the grand finale. For PSL, the teams were Lahore Qalandar and Multan Sultan, and for Indian Premier League, the teams were Chennai Super Kings and Gujrat Titans.

Indian premier League


Both Chennai Super Kings and Lahore Qalandars emerged victorious after winning the coin toss and opting to bat first, ultimately claiming the championship. Demonstrating remarkable courage in the face of adversity, the teams fought passionately, driven by their dreams of triumph and the desire to taste victory.


The Chennai Super Kings and Lahore Qalandars both secured triumph in the championship by winning the coin toss and electing to bat first. Exhibiting exceptional bravery in the midst of challenges, these teams fiercely battled with unwavering passion, propelled by their aspirations for victory and the longing to savour the sweet taste of success.


M.S. Dhoni from Chennai Super King, Rashid Khan from Gujrat Titans, Ahsan Hafeez from Lahore Qalandar, and Usama Mir from Multan Sultan didn’t want to tire themselves. The Majestic cricketer’s luck did not work for them, and they went back to the pavilion without scoring a run.


Indian Premier league

   In both, the final players needed 13 runs off the six balls and four runs from the last ball to win the crown. Jadeja and Afridi left a legacy of resilience and unyielding worth. They have etched their names—a shining beacon of greatness, a radiant flame.


The rescheduled matches would be a testament to the undying passion and unwavering spirit of cricket enthusiasts. Rain may have delayed the showdown, but it couldn’t extinguish the flame of their love for the game. And so, with renewed hope and anticipation, they eagerly awaited the day when the rain would finally relent, and the battle would commence.


Despite the disruptive weather, Chennai super king under skipper M.S. Dhoni and Lahore Qalandars, under the captaincy of Muhammad Rizwan, clinched the title away. Nothing could take away the event’s charm, which can be easily called one of the most stunning finals in the history of T20 ever.

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