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Ravi Shastri who previously coached Team India spoke exclusively about his thoughts on leadership within this country’s cricket team. He spoke about it following the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. The leadership position for limited overs cricket especially for ODI and T20 formats should go to Hardik Pandya according to Shastri who thinks he is a perfect fit due to his capabilities as an all-rounder.

Hardik Pandya ought to be named captain for white-ball cricket post-World Cup as per Shastri’s statement.

Following his appointment as Captain for both ODI and T-20 Teams after the T-20 world cup in year-21, Rohit Sharma had been made Captain for Indian Test Cricket Team too by Jan-22. Pandya ought to be named captain for white-ball cricket post-World Cup as per Shastri’s statement. That format showcased his exceptional aptitude and promise.

Rohit Sharma

Shastri agreed that Pandya’s body is not cut out for the requirements of Test cricket. His skills and leadership were highlighted as necessary for limited-overs cricket. The previous coach’s proposal was to appoint Pandya as a permanent captain in limited-over cricket right after the 2023 World Cup set to happen in October-November.

Shastri mentioned during the interview that Hardik’s body ‘frankly cannot withstand Test cricket.‘ In my opinion, post-World Cup it would be fitting if he assumes control over Captaincy’s duties for White-Ball Cricket. Additionally, Shashtri has high regard for Current Indian Skipper Rohit Sharma’s Leadership Qualities.

Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya being endorsed by Shastri as a prospective future captain has led to close observations on the developments in Indian cricket and team leadership dynamics from fans and cricket lovers. Later on in the year when the highly anticipated World Cup concludes, this event will happen as well.

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